Sustainable Development Goal 8

BLOKHUS Natur Camping

Decent Work and Economic Growth

In continuation of our efforts regarding Sustainable Development Goal 4 we are also purposefully working to create decent jobs for everyone. For example, we happily employ some of the people who have been in job training with us, as well as we are more than willing to employ young people, people with handicaps and retirees on the same terms as our other employees. The creation of decent jobs is not only an internal effort, since we only use suppliers that complies with the applicable law regarding employment conditions as well. 

Naturally, economic growth is important for all businesses, but we also like to see further than our own nose and contribute to the economic growth in our local society and the tourist industry in general. One of our main concerns is to contribute to creating a sustainable tourist industry, and therefore we are more than happy to tell others about our efforts and about how simple it actually is to introduce many of the sustainable actions. Furthermore, we cooperate with local entrepreneurs who will be responsible for establishing our new outdoor accommodation area and we only buy our groceries and merchandise at the local grocery store. Moreover, we happily refer our guests to local shops, restaurants, and attractions to support the local businesses and to make our guests attentive to all of the possibilities in the area.