Sustainable Development Goal 4

BLOKHUS Natur Camping

Quality Education

Education has gradually become an important element in our society, and we are more than happy to help educate and qualify people. We have an informal and changeable work environment with room for continuous development, both personally and professionally. The employees have great influence on their work tasks and the possibility to come with suggestions for further development. We offer our employees relevant continuing education if they themselves or we see the need for this, or if we spot a good opportunity for enhancing the qualifications of our employees. For example, our handyman, Ivar, has participated in a course about small machines in the beginning of 2020 where he learned to inspect and repair some of the machines that we use frequently on site. We ourselves also participate in courses to update our knowledge and competencies, and it is specifically in the digital field we have benefitted from this.

We are also available for people who wishes to get an internship or get job training with us. It could be interns from educational institutions who help us with marketing and user surveys, amongst other things. Our hope is that we can provide the interns with some insights into the tourist- and accommodation industry so they can test out if this industry is interesting for them. Several times we have also had people in job training since we are passionate about helping these people go further in their career. With us they have the opportunity to try out different tasks, typically outside of the season, in a calm environment with relatively few colleagues who are all present and empathic.