About Blokhus Natur Camping

Our passion: outdoor living - simple lifestyle

At Blokhus Natur Camping you can stay overnight in outdoor rooms in the middle of nature. You are close to the feeling of “wild” but always nearby a service building.

“It can be wild, but it does not have to be,” is our motto.  

The story behind Blokhus Natur Camping

In 2017 we, Inge and Karsten, took over a worn-down and forgotten campsite. What we saw was all of the missed opportunities just waiting to be brought to life. The campsite has had several names throughout time, and it has had its golden days with both a bistro and dances every Saturday. But that is so long ago that most people have forgotten about it.

After working on the campsite to renovate and renew all the worn-down facilities, we found the opportunity to create something unique and exciting. A different and more authentic way of going on comfortable holidays in nature. A nature resort where you as a guest can feel alone in nature, be primitive and cook over fire, but at the same time have easy access to modern conveniences such as baths and toilets.

Nature resort

It takes time to transition a traditional campsite into a nature resort, and therefore we are executing the project in different phases.

In the first phase we include a part of the campsite as the resort. Here we offer stays in log cabins, retro cabins, Safari tents, and Sheds.

In the second phase we are turning the campsite wilder. We let the grass grow tall and plant more bushes and trees. Whenever it is possible, we will leave the dead trees behind so they can turn into insect hotels and foodstore for animals catching insects. We will also be twisting the roads and tracks, so they help create small private “rooms” in nature. This way you can stay overnight in your own caravan or tent and have the feeling of being alone in nature.

In the third phase the “rooms” of the resort will be placed on a scenic area north of the existing campsite. Here you can choose between different kinds of accommodation. All of the rooms will be furnished with their own kitchenette, bathroom and outdoor furniture, so you genuinely can enjoy the surrounding nature. Furthermore, there will be free access to both a campfire and service buildings.

When you check in to one of our rooms it will be exactly as if you checked in to a hotel with made-up beds and towels. You will also be able to buy breakfast and packed lunches, and on specific dates it will also be possible to buy dinner. There will be events and activities about or in nature for both children and adults.

If you as a guest have requests for guided tours, for example on Segway, mountain bike or horseback we will be happy to help arrange that for you.

If you are visiting as a larger group and have special requests, we are also happy to help accommodate that. In such case please beware that booking well in advance will be necessary.