Sustainable Development Goal 7

BLOKHUS Natur Camping

Affordable and Clean Energy

Our energy consumption is relatively high and therefore we are doing everything in our power to make the consumption sustainable. Therefore, we have made an agreement about natural electricity with Scanenergi. This means that our site is provided with 100% Danish wind energy. 

Furthermore, we use LED light bulbs in many of our lamps and we continuously change our other light bulbs to LED so we only use LED light bulbs in the future. Furthermore, we use heat pumps to heat the reception, kiosk, office and living room. In our new service building we will have a heat pump installed as well. With heat pumps we are able to cut down our energy consumption and emit less Co2 than by using other forms of heating. In the long term it is our plan to change to an energy company that can supply us with energy from renewable energy sources.

Another initiative that we have implemented is educating our personnel in different energy saving actions. This way they learn to optimize their energy consumption throughout their workday, so they contribute as little as possible to the environmental pollution.