Sustainable Development Goal 6

BLOKHUS Natur Camping

Clean Water and Sanitation

At a place like ours naturally the water consumption is high, but we work very hard to reduce the consumption as much as possible. On all of our showers water saving devices are installed, and on all of our newly purchased sanitation there are water saving devices as well. In the future, as something new we will make an active effort to make our guests attentive to reduce their water consumption in the form of different campaigns and signings in the service buildings.

We also focus on not contaminating the wastewater with harmful chemicals from our cleaning agents, and therefore the vast majority of our cleaning agents have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Of course, we strive to make this apply to all of our cleaning agents in the future. Related to cleaning we are working on changing our cloths to environmentally friendly cloths without microplastics, so we are not taking part in polluting the oceans with microplastics.