Sustainable Development Goal 2

BLOKHUS Natur Camping

Zero Hunger

At Blokhus Natur Camping we purposefully work with food waste. Internally we do everything in our power to avoid food waste. Therefore, among other, we have made an agreement with Spar Hune about returning the groceries we do not get sold in our kiosk. Also, we only bake bread in the morning that has been preordered to avoid unnecessary food waste. In the future we will be working on establishing some sort of food bank where our guests can put their excess food so other guests can enjoy it. Finally, we also want to make an active effort to encourage our guests to avoid food waste by for example sharing recipes with them that include using leftovers.

Besides food waste we focus on promoting sustainable and local farming communities. Specifically, this means that we will sell sustainable and locally produced groceries, including organic products. In the kiosk you will find sustainably produced salt from Blokhus Salt, local special beers from L√łkken Bryghus and organic tea from Min Yndlings Te by Kirsten Kronborg.