Sustainable Development Goal 15

BLOKHUS Natur Camping

Life on Land

Nature is our brand, and therefore it is important that we take good care of it. We purposefully work to preserve the ecosystem on our areas by letting nature grow wild and thereby securing optimal conditions for the local wildlife. Biodiversity is the keyword for our efforts and initiatives in connection with this Sustainable Development Goal.

In 2018 we had the lake on our area excavated in close cooperation with Jammerbugt Municipality to establish a lake area that supports biodiversity. Behind the lake you will find a pristine swamp area which must be preserved, and therefore this area will not be included in either our accommodation areas or our common areas. Instead we plan to turn it into a plantation so it will contribute further to promote biodiversity. On our accommodation areas we do our best to preserve the wild nature. Among other we let pruned branches and dead tress be a part of our windbreaks, as well as we have established large mounds and refrain from cutting down several of our grass areas. Thus, we ensure habitats for plants and animals who thrives under such conditions. Additionally, we do not use fertilizers on our areas since they can affect the ecosystems in our oceans negatively. However, we use a mulching lawn mower when cutting the grass, so the grass contributes to fertilize itself.